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Guide for how to use the meeting portlet:


You could able to create the meeting as two types


1.    Instant meeting

2.    Meeting for future use


Steps involved creating an instant meeting


Step1: Click on Meeting application.

Step2: By default Instant Meeting selected

Step3: Enter Meeting Name, Meeting Agenda, Duration and enter the email Id's with whom you would like to invite meeting in the Participants Email Id's box.

You can get the participants to invite a meeting from the current organization by clicking on Get Participants button.


Step4: Click on Create Instant Meeting


You will be navigated to meeting room and can share the screens, can chat with meeting members individually or group wise. You can interact with single person when he raises the hand for clarification. You can show the presentation, can record the session for future reference.


Steps involved creating a meeting for future use.


Step 1: Click on meeting application.

Step 2: Click on Future Meeting.

Step 3: Enter the required fields and click on Create Future Meeting. The meeting will be created and details will be displayed in the My Meetings.

My Meetings:


Hosted by:


User can see the scheduled meetings in this grid which are hosted by him. If already completed meeting can be reschedule it as per the convenient.

User can change the Time zone as per his location

Join Meeting:


When a user gets an invitation to join a meeting, he can join the meeting by entering the name and meeting id.

Steps involved joining a meeting.


Step 1: He has to check his email to participate in a meeting.

Step 2: Need to enter the name and meeting id in the Join Meeting page.

Step 3: Click on Join Meeting, you will be navigated to meeting room.


By entering the details in below screen user can join the meeting.

The below format a user gets an email from the meeting host:

The user who got invitation can join the meeting by clicking on Join Meeting directly from the email or by clicking provided URL from the host. User can add Participants by clicking Add Participants button in an email.



Thanks for understanding the functionality of Meeting portlet. We are anticipating a feedback from your end.

Please provide your feedback on meeting tool functionality by clicking Feedback button which is present at the right most corner of the meeting page.